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Jessica Hana Deutsch is an in-demand violinist and composer in Toronto's world music scene. She is incredibly versatile, sounding equally comfortable in Afro Cuban, Klezmer, Celtic, classical, Arabic and Turkish music. Classically-trained from the age of 3 and a three-time national finalist in the Canadian Music Competition, Deutsch studied with Mark Skazinetsky (assistant concertmaster of the TSO). She now leads and composes for her band Ozere, which mixes classical chamber music with world folk styles. Their last album, Finding Anyplace, was nominated for a Canadian Folk Music Award (2015) and was produced by JUNO Award-winning producer David Travers-Smith. She is a busy sidewoman and recording artist in Toronto with many artists including Ventanas, Iroko, Beyond the Pale, Jayme Stone, the Canadian Arabic Orchestra, the Lemon Bucket Orkestra, Doomsquad, Cris Derken's Orchestral Pow Wow, Selcuk Suna, the Boxcar Boys, Itamar Erez, Ron Davis, and Lenka Lichtenberg. She is also a string arranger (Ventanas, Dennis Duffin, Benjamin Barrile) and an accomplished composer, fusing elements of classical, folk, electronic, jazz and improvisation.